Jobs that a professional stone mason can assist with

Your home should be the place where you retreat after a hard day of busting your guts at the office or on site or wherever you do your actual job, your home should be a space where you can truly express yourself and what you love and your home should be a definite reflection of your personal tastes. And while you will most likely be spending a considerable amount of time in making your house your home, there are always differing ways to add a splash of personality and your own unique touch to any property. And amongst many other steps that you can take, wadding some tasteful stonemasonry to your home can be just the ticket to make your home really a piece of you.

A stone mason is a kind of contractor who works with stone (obviously) and there are many different kinds of masons; ones that are focused on actually shaping the stone, to ones that apply those shaped stones to building projects, these will be the ones you need to seek out. There are many different ways in which a stone mason can assist you with making your home unique and tasteful. From crafting freestanding walls in your garden to making beautiful ornamental features, but what are the things that a stonemason makes their living off? And how might you need to use their services within the scope of a home improvement project? This article will explore some of the services and individual products that a stonemason can provide.

External Masonry and cladding

The outside of any home is an indicating factor of the kind of person that lives there. After all the front of your house in some respect is kind of the welcome mat for your entire home and visitors will form most of their opinion of a house, and indeed the people that live there from the first impression that they gain from the external view of your property. After all humans are notoriously fickle and easily led by first impressions and over time the exterior of your house can become worn out and grimy looking due to the action of the weather and can even become structurally insecure to the point where chunks of rendering plaster can become dislodged and fall, creating a hazard to anyone who happened to be beneath it.

However it doesn’t have to be this way, some stonemasons are able to craft a beautiful and unique looking exterior cladding which not only provided insulation and protection to the outside of your home, but also to give a natural, rugged and striking look to your home’s exterior. The details however are entirely up to you, if you want a smooth and refined looking finish to the stones, they can most probably do that. Are you looking for more of a darker toner to the stone you’re having applied? Well your stonemason can always look into sourcing different stone for the cladding. The advantages of having your craftsmen design, build and apply the cladding on site are many as normally contractors would have to go between a few suppliers and tradesmen in order to get the job done, putting more barriers between you and the work that is going on.

Feature walls

Nothing will add more of an exciting and vibrant feel to a room than a feature wall, a wall of a room that does away with the design conformities of the rest of the room and uses this difference to create a striking contrast between areas of a room. Making both the feature wall and the kind of feature wall that you incorporate in to the decoration of any given room is entirely up to you, as long as it doesn’t contrast so much that it could be seen to clash with the rest of the walls.

Well a stonemason is able to render and create a stunning and warm natural stone feature wall that is reminiscent of a castle wall from the 17th century. Not all offer this service due to the complexity of the job however many do and it is a great way to inject some vibrant natural contrast in with the rest of your home. Thanks for taking the time to read this article, please click on the following link for some examples of work from this stonemason in Perth.