Applications of High Density Foam

pillows foam

Foam comes in various different grades and comprises of very different chemical structures. One particular division between types of solid foams is closed-cell and open-cell foams. One good way to picture the construction of open-cell foam is that it is like a sponge. The gas pockets inside are not independent of one another. Closed-cell foam is, as the name suggests, comprised of pockets which are sealed from each other. High density foam is an open cell foam which is packed with lots of gas pockets and this extra density is what makes it feel sturdier than the lower density types. It is therefore more suitable for certain applications than others. Its prime use is for cushioning or seating as it will provide the necessary support whilst keeping the ability to retain its original shape after pressure is removed from the material.

Cushions & Pillows

Often specifically labelled as upholstery foam, it sees regular use as the interior of cushions and pillows. Due to its nature, it can be sat on or have pressure applied to it and it will provide comfort but when it is no longer being used it will go back to its original shape. Obviously if a foam was used which did not do either of these things it would either not be comfortable to use in its intended purpose or it would lose its shape.

Sofas or Mattresses

Just like being used inside of pillows this type of foam is good for the interior of sleeping mattresses or seating. As with pillows and cushions it will provide the support which is required but after someone has finished sitting on it, it will not leave an indentation. Another use is as a mattress topper. For example, you could have a pre-existing bed which is very uncomfortable to lie on but you don’t have the funds to purchase a new one. An alternative is to place a layer of foam on top of the mattress which will increase the comfort levels greatly.


foam packagingFoam sees a lot of use as packaging. It will protect the items within a container but it is very lightweight. This can be a large advantage when it comes to posting items as costs can spiral rapidly. As a trader it is an ideal product to use as it is inexpensive and it will also keep your overheads low. Various foam suppliers will sell high density foam cut to size so you can purchase the relevant sizes to fit the package sizes that suit your business best.

Sound Proofing

Another popular use of high density foam is as a form of sound insulation. It can be lined within walls or it could simply be used to cover a wall externally to have a similar effect. It is very helpful if you experience issues with loud noise as the foam will muffle it and sound which might otherwise carry through the wall will be diminished.